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The title says it all since by now everyone knows that the fishing job will not be a thing ever, BUT a new job would be pretty neat so here's a quick run through of how it would look.

How to earn money
Brew potions.
-Farm nether wart.
-Kill the mobs that have the materials required to make a potion (Not sure what actions would be needed to be taken so that it doesn't interfere with hunter)
-Crafting foods such as golden apples,golden carrots and glistering melons.

Level perks

Lvl 25
Ability to craft Notch apples
(Possibly get paid for it)

Lvl 50

Immunity against the wither and poison debuff (If needed for whatever reason could be toggled with /immune)

Lvl 75

Infinite tipped arrows, works the same as infinity for regular arrows just that you can use the tipped arrows aswell (No clue how it would go if trying to program it )

Pay from level 1

Potions with positive effects

The pay would be somewhat similar to the one that cooks have though it would be harder to level up with a high reward but the pay would not change depending on the level of the potion.

Potion of Leaping: 5.30$ 27 Exp (Exp gain is quite high because Rabbit's foot the main ingredient in making the potion is pretty uncommon)

Potion of Invisibility: 2$ 2.5 Exp (Fairly simple the spider eyes are easy to get so the pay and Exp gain is basically the same and quite low)

Potion of Regeneration: 100$ 400 Exp (High Exp gain because of difficulty to get a ghast tear and not too high pay to avoid players from just
buying ghast tears and making regeneration all the time making a profit)

Potion of Swiftness:2.30$ 0.10 (Low Exp and fairly low pay due to sugar being very easily found on the server)

Potion of Fire Resistance:7.30$ 15 Exp (Magma cubes are uncommon in the nether even when running around in re-built nether fortress that are made specifically to get more spawns so that's why there's a slight Exp buff along with a slight buff in the price that does not cover for the whole cost of say a stack of magma cream so you can't focus on one single potion by just buying the materials,making the potions and gaining your money back early on.

Potion of Night Vision: 30$ 5 Exp (Since making a golden carrot costs about 9 times more than a glistering melon the night vision gives a much better pay when it comes to money but a worse Exp gain so that people don't ditch the Potions of Healing that has a high Exp gain

Potion of Water Breathing: 20$ 10 Exp (Once again just because puffer fish aren't the most common thing to get both the pay and the Exp gained is buffed a little bit.)

Potion of Strength: 1.32$ 0.05 Exp (Since blaze powder is a very common thing on the server having the ability to get double chests of it very fast the Exp gain is low to avoid people just focusing on just 1 single potion.)

Potion of Healing: 1.50$ 25 Exp (Now this is where the glistering melon comes into play because you're buying gold and possibly melons to create them you so you spend more money but you receive more Exp from doing so)

Potions with negative effects

Potion of Poison: 1$ 0.50 Exp (Low Exp and money gain because spider eyes are very easy to get through grinders)

Potion of Slowness 1.5$ 1$ Exp (Once again the spider eyes are very easy to get but you need to get mushrooms which isn't the easiest to get unless you have a farm or run around like a maniac on the nether roof looking for them)

Potion of Harming: 3$ 4 Exp (Since gunpowder isn't the most common neither uncommon item it's usually used for rockets for elytras but this gain from the potion in Exp and money would possibly make players want to spend more gunpowder on not just rockets but potions as well.)

Additional information
You would be limited to 30 brewing stations per player so it doesn't become overpowered

You would get paid per bottle made so say you're making 3 Potions of Poison you would get 3$ and 1,5 Exp in total (Excluding the potion of regeneration because that would be overpowered)

Lingering potions would multiply the cost of all the potions made by 25% so say for example your making a batch of Water breathing which would give you 60$ and 30 Exp so by turning them into lingering potions you would recieve 75$ and 37.5 Exp

The dragons breath is hard or easy to get depending on how you see it, if your gear is good or if you're just good in general you can bait the dragon for very long and get big batches of dragons breath in addition to that you still need 4 end crystals to spawn them (4 Eyes of ender,4 ghast tears,28 glass) and that isn't cheap neither is it easy to get ghast tears so not everyone is going to have lots and lots of dragons breath.

Scrapped ideas

Lvl 25 perk: /rpe = Random potion effect that would last for 10 minutes that could be toggled off but not on again (Only positive effects though such as regeneration,absorption,strength etc

Lvl 50 Perk: Immunity to all negative effects (could be toggled) but decided to scrap the idea because it would be extremely overpowered

Lvl 50 Perk: Ability to make special potions such as Notch's Brew= High regeneration+Speed got scrapped because wasn't sure how it would work when making them.

Please do leave any feedback about this idea i'm all ears about things that could be changed,added and removed.


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Id love to see tipped arrows become a real thing here, i dont think ive ever seen someone fire a tipped arrow on this server.


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Come to /shop43 and buy my tipped arrows, Rattle ;-)

I have slowness and blindness; others available by request...
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