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Hello Hello, they call me Obsidian__Golem, or they call me enemy but those people tend to disappear.

I am a Golem for the people, by the people. I like to help others and make art. I am known on the server as a Goodguy, an artist, a Hero to all.
If anyone says otherwise give me their name I will will have them dealt with accordingly.

I founded the town of Zaire along with General Someguy9880 and Lawreime, together we forged the Zaire confederation on the continent of Zaire. We founded the Town and nation on the principles of, Love, Labor and Loyalty.

Outside of Minecraft I do many things, Raise exotic animals, Engineering, teach sailing, Other Suspicious activity... I live in the United States Originally Chicago ( known for its Goodguys ) and now I live In Texas.

If you want to know more, just ask me, but careful the wrong questions lead to concrete sneakers.

Nice to meet you Golem the Heroic. How's it going ;)


Staff member
Hi Golem, hope you enjoy Azertu to the fullest and out brand new website :3
Also raising exotic animals sounds interesting, like what kind? :eek: