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Invalid Report after restart this morning, no residents could break crops in our town farm

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Known Member
IGN: Retrorider
Rank: Earl
Town Name: NewGoldenFarms
Location: Towny World +2369 66 +1066

We've been building a large multi-level farm. Several town members and myself were working on a new level yesterday, breaking blocks and placing blocks and 2 others were using the upper, finished levels to harvest crops.

About an hour after server restart my first town member logged in and found that they could no longer harvest crops with the message "Towny >> residents aren't allowed to destroy here" or something like that.

When i got online a couple of hours later there were 2 members online besides myself and neither of them could break crops in our farm. Only i could break blocks and I assume it is because i am the mayor but honestly thats a guess.

i did /towny map big to check the status of the plots involved and they showed as normal town plots with no owner. I did /t to check permissions and permissions for destroy were resident

The only way i could fix it was to unclaim the plots and reclaim them but we still have no idea how this happened and no way to know if it will happen again.

The only plots affected were plots with crops on them.

The only change we made to the farm, earlier in the day yesterday is we added trap doors over the water holes and locked them.

But after we locked all the trap doors we had members harvesting crops and I had 2 members helping me break blocks and place blocks in the same plots that had their permissions change after restart

Any help with ideas on how this happened would be welcomed.
Not open for further replies.