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Something that would be extremely useful would be to add shop number onto the resident profile. This way you don't have to guess and wonder the shop number if the person is offline or unavailable. E.g: scenario in which you remember "Oh hey Yspatil does not have anymore room in his potato chests, but I remember Redux is buying potatoes! Maybe I should go to his shop." :giggle:
This is a good idea, this will helps people in the server alot in the future. I am looking forward to this, too.
You can already look up all the shop numbers with the command /as info rented
ooooh! thanks for letting me know, I think adding this will still be useful as not a lot of people know about that command (I assume since many ask about another players shop) and its provides a fast and easy way to find the shop number without having to scroll through a list.
It is good to know that command, I am always wondering about shop numbers. I do agree though that it would be nice to have something that lists their number in a convenient location. It would also be nice to somehow display which town spawns have shops, but I am not sure how that would happen.