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Approved Add Smelting Netherbricks to hellworker.

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I think the title is enough but I might as well explain. I was under the impression hellworker already made money from crafting/smelting netherbricks and red netherbricks but i guess not.

I don't see any reason why hellworkers shouldn't make money from making netherbricks from netherrack, I don't think that would be Overpowered at all, given its the only practical use for netherrack anyway, and its not something that can be shipped off to another job.
I personally don't care how much money hellworkers would make from doing it, I just strongly think it should be implemented.

Also in saying that, Crafting Red netherbricks should also be added, at a lower price given they require two hellworker things to make, Netherwart and netherbricks. Maybe even add Crafting Quartz Blocks to Hellworker.

Naturally the xp and money given for smelting and crafting netherbricks should be low as to not make Hellworker overpowered from a continual line of money making things derived from the same resource. Same should go for if Red Netherbrick and Quartz crafting are added.


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People Keep Telling me to "Bump" this. No idea what that means But I have seen the Suggestion made a few more times since originally posting this, So to avoid this being spam. What are peoples opinion on this? any concerns? comments? better ways to improve this job? this is a good place to talk about it i guess.


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Bumping a thread means to write a message on a thread with the sole purpose of getting it higher and or to the top of the thread list.

Also I think we’re just waiting on staffs opinion on this suggestion.


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B - bring
U - up
M - my
P - post
in reference to the thread list.
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