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Hello, I am just an average minecrafter who loves the MCMMO plugin, Probably my favorite. I love to fish when I get bored or just want to kill time. I'm not sure if a lot of people fish on the server but I think adding a fishing job to give players who fish a way to make income while doing their hobby. I do know you can fish up certain items that can sell a good amount. Which I have fished up and sold, but I think adding the job will help us make money and continue to do it. Doesn't have to be much of an income or give buffs. If people disagree I'd say take a look at the farming/cooking job you can easily just go to /t spawn farm and level two easily. Anyways that's all I have to say and ask for. Have a good day if you see/read this. <3
Totally agree. MCMMO fishing is already quite interesting with the stuff you can get. Making it into a job opens up even more possibilities with the abilities one could unlock.


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This has already been suggested multiple times. In fact, it is probably the most frequently suggested feature. It will not be added, however, for several reasons. First of all, jobs generally pay for quite a few different actions, to give lots of variation, but a fishing job would really only pay for one thing (guardians kills are already a part of hunter). Second, it would encourage players to afk grind, which (being against the rules) would be a serious pain for staff to monitor. Finally, in order for it to make target pay, you would need to make very large amounts of money per action, and that can lead to money exploits. Fishing mcmmo was updated on the server to give (very) good rewards such as ghast tears, shulker shells, etc. to make fishing profitable. And besides, fish sell for quite a bit to cooks. There is really no need for the job.
Next time you make a suggestion please search the Suggestions section to make sure it hasn't already been suggested. Thank you.