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Hello Everyone,

Jobs Update - Part 2
The long awaited, overhyped, jobs update part 2 is finally here. As of today all jobs will have at least 3 perks. We have also made some slight changes to the current existing perks. Some have gotten a buff, some got a nerf. You can view all jobs perks in-game by using the /jobs command ingame.

Updating the server rules?

We have noticed that we need to make a few changes to the system in order to make sure the server...

To celebrate the summer we decided to get a new spawn to blow some new life into the server. You can explore the new spawn simply by doing /spawn. We would also like to mention that we have some pretty big updates planned that will roll out throughout July and August, so keep an eye on the website and/or discord if you wanna stay up to date.

Hello everyone,

After the recent poll about whether we should implement a player market or not, the majority of you that voted, voted that we should add it. So.. we did.

We have added a player market that will now be accessible by using "/market".


You can rent a shop by Right-Clicking the sign next to each shop.


There is a total of 40 shops and this number might increase if the...
Hello friends,

After observing the server economy for the last 2 weeks we have noticed the jobs were not as balanced as we thought they were. Therefore we decide to overhaul the entire system and re-balance every single job from scratch. Not only did we re-balance the payment but we also plan on filling in all the empty perks and make some changes to the already existing ones. We would like to mention that we have also added some extra changes to the back-end system to optimize the jobs...

Over the past couple of weeks we, the staff team, noticed that we quite often get the suggestion about an official market area. What this means is that an area will be assigned to function as a player market. Players will be able to rent shops inside the area and make their own shop that will be easily accessible by all players. Therefore I decided to make a poll to see what you guys really prefer and are looking for. Please note that even when a public market is made, players will...