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Hello friends,

After observing the server economy for the last 2 weeks we have noticed the jobs were not as balanced as we thought they were. Therefore we decide to overhaul the entire system and re-balance every single job from scratch. Not only did we re-balance the payment but we also plan on filling in all the empty perks and make some changes to the already existing ones. We would like to mention that we have also added some extra changes to the back-end system to optimize the jobs...

Over the past couple of weeks we, the staff team, noticed that we quite often get the suggestion about an official market area. What this means is that an area will be assigned to function as a player market. Players will be able to rent shops inside the area and make their own shop that will be easily accessible by all players. Therefore I decided to make a poll to see what you guys really prefer and are looking for. Please note that even when a public market is made, players will...
Hey everyone,

Every month we will reward the top 3 top voters of the month with some free items from the store.
the rewards are as following:

1st place: 1x Gold Crate
2nd place: 1x Silver Crate
3rd place: 1x Bronze Crate

March's winners are:
  1. @JelliWelli - 202 votes
  2. @alon2003 - 178 votes
  3. @AJKuhn - 176 votes
We would like to thank all 628 people that voted for the server. Your support helps us grow the server...
Hello everyone!

Easter Event:
It's that time of the year again, and Easter has finally arrived! We have a fun event planned, which hopefully you'll love! Here's how it works..

During the times that you're breaking blocks, any blocks, you have the chance to receive an Easter Egg (It will drop on the ground next to you). Once collecting 10 eggs, you can head over to /crates, and interact with the baby villager named "Easter Exchange". After...
Hello everyone,

Website overhaul
As you can obviously see the website has gotten a huge overhaul. We decided to get a brand new theme as the old one was very basic and kinda boring. Feel free to go ahead and explore the brand new shiny layout. Please be aware that small issues could occur and feel free to notify staff about those.

Discord Rank Sync
To give everyone who supports the development of the server and purchased a premium rank a little more recognition...