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Hello everyone,

Website overhaul
As you can obviously see the website has gotten a huge overhaul. We decided to get a brand new theme as the old one was very basic and kinda boring. Feel free to go ahead and explore the brand new shiny layout. Please be aware that small issues could occur and feel free to notify staff about those.

Discord Rank Sync
To give everyone who supports the development of the server and purchased a premium rank a little more recognition we decided that players are now able to sync their premium rank on discord.

More information can be found in the #roles-claim channel on discord.

If you are not a part of our discord server we highly encourage you to join. There are often giveaways and other fun activities you could participate in.
Click Here to join our awesome discord community

To read the full log of changes, feel free to visit our patch notes section Here.
Hey everyone,

Every month we will reward the top 3 top voters of the month with some free items from the store.
the rewards are as following:

1st place: 1x Gold Crate
2nd place: 1x Silver Crate
3rd place: 1x Bronze Crate

February's winners are:
  1. @Collector1164 - 170 votes
  2. @JelliWelli - 168 votes
  3. @FlyingScotsman1 - 167 votes
We would like to thank all 511 people that voted for the server. Your support helps us grow the server and we appreciate every single one of you! Make sure to vote every single day and maybe you will win next months top voter rewards.
Hello friends!

First off I would like to thank everyone for showing such great support over the past 2 weeks.
We had a blast on the release and we hope that we will grow from here. Today we are bringing you a few new updates that have arrived on the server. We have been working on these for the past week, and we hope you all enjoy them!

Tab ordering:
From now on the tab will be ordered according to staff/premium ranks.


Item Displays:
Dropping a custom item will now display their name.


Daily Llama:
The Daily Llama is a new cute little Llama in spawn. You can hug the Llama every 24hours and he will give you free rewards for it.


But that's not it! Since we are approaching Valentine's Day we came up with a brand new item for everyone to use and abuse!

The Valentine Tagger.
This item can be used to tag any of your tools and/or armor. What it does is simply add a " or " in front of your item name. ALL players that login during Valentine's Day will have the option to claim a tagger. Simply using "/valentine" will open a menu where you can claim the item. (for those that don't know, its on February 14)


Once applied, your item will look like this:


If you would like to view a more in depth list of patch notes you can read the full list here:

That is it for now. Thanks once again for all those that have been supporting Azertu!
- The Azertu Team
Hello Friends,

Today is an exciting day for Azertu! After 3 months of hard work we are finally here to announce its official release. From Today on the server will be accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We would like to thank everyone who has been playing during the BETA because we managed to fix various different bugs to ensure you that the server is a pleasant place to play minecraft.
Along with the release the server store will open. Make sure to check it out Here!

To Celebrate the official server release there will be a 25% discount on ALL Packages!
This sale will last 48 hours from when this post is posted.

Thanks for all those that have been waiting and supporting the server for a long time!

-The Azertu Team
Welcome everyone,

As you might know the server is very close to being finished.
Once we have an official release date it will be shared with everyone from the moment we know. Although, before we release the server, we have opened staff applications. You can now apply for staff.
The available roles we are currently hiring for will be Helper and Web Development.

As a Helper you will be volunteering for its role. You will be in charge of monitoring in-game chat but also on the forums and/or Discord. Along with that you are supposed to help out people with all their questions regarding the server.

Web Development:

As a Web Developer you will be working along us on making sure the website is in good shape.
You will be creating new features and/or solving bugs that occur on the website.

Desired Traits:
  • Extensive Xenforo forum software knowledge
  • Deep understanding of HTML & CSS
  • MySQL knowledge is recommended but is not a must
  • High availability during patch and release processes

We will offer:
  • This job has the potential of being a paid service
  • You will receive a custom website tag for everyone to see
  • You will have flexible working hours

You are able to fill in an application for Helper role Here
If you wish to apply for Web Developer role please contact me trough discord at: SirKillian#1748

Thanks for your time.