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Hello Everyone,

The Manticore Relic
Today we will bring something new to the server. The Manticore Relic Set!
And no, this is not just a random new set. This set has the ability to level up and get stronger as you use it!

When you open a Relic Crystal you'll have the chance to find Manticore items. Although, those items will look a bit different compared to the average Relic. You'll notice that there is 3 square blocks behind its...
Hello everyone,

This is a quick update post explaining what's going to happen on the server in the next couple of weeks and what we are trying to accomplish at this moment.

1.13 Update
First of all, we are still working on the 1.13 update. Which is honestly a little bit harder as we first thought it would be. There is still a few things we are waiting on before we can properly update the server to a full 1.13 version. As of right now there is no ETA regarding this update....

Hello Everyone,

After a rough path with the voting rewards and voteparty not properly giving rewards it is finally safe to say that everything is working flawless. Now, in order to keep it flawless we have made some changes in the past couple of weeks which I'm sure you all know about by now.

Today we want to announce a new feature of the voting rewards to make voting for your favorite server even more worth your time. Cumulative voting...
Hello fellow nerds!

After a few days of voting, we are finally ready to announce the winners of the relic item contest.
It wasn't easy but we have made our final decision. Before we announce the winners we thank everyone that submitted an item in the contest! We appreciate your time and effort and we are sorry if your item was denied. All Accepted items are listed in the "Relic Item Contest" sub-forum. Everyone that has submitted an item...
The Relic item Contest!

You might be wondering what this is all about. Well, let me explain.

Are you tired of getting the same Relic items over and over again? So are we! Even though we have 150+ unique relic items we feel like we need to add more. But, to make this a fun experience for everyone we thought: "What if the players could design their own Relic item?!" and that's exactly what this contest is about.

The goal for you is to design your very own relic item. And by that we mean literally design every single aspect about them, such as:
  • Define a "Material Type". (examples: wooden spade, stone, sword, Diamond Leggings)
  • Define an "Item Name" with color code.
  • Define all enchantments and their levels
  • Make sure the item is balanced and fits the server (not extremely OP but not too lame either)
  • Be creative and/or funny

You can submit items in the "Relic Item Contest" sub-forum. We will ask you to Submit 1 item/set per post. What we mean by this is that a Submission can only have 1 relic item OR 1 relic set. A relic set is what we currently have on the server where multiple items share a name and have similar enchants.
Even though you can only submit 1 item/set per post, You are able to make as many submissions as you want. You will have until Sunday August 5, 11.59 PM (EST) to submit your items. From that moment we will go over all items and decide which ones will be accepted and which ones will be denied.


After reviewing all items, we will make a selection of the top 3 items. However, We might accept more then 3 items in total.
  • 1st Place: 1x Gold Crate + $100k in-game money.
  • 2nd Place: 1x Gold Crate + $75k in-game money.
  • 3rd Place: 1x Gold Crate + $50k in-game money.
  • Anyone who created an item that got accepted will receive $25k in-game money.


While you have a lot of freedom designing the items, There will still be some rules and limitations. If your item(s) do not meet these criteria they will be disqualified from the contest.
  • All items are designed using the format shown here: CLICK HERE
  • Item Names:
    • Item names may not be inappropriate.
    • References are allowed, however, we would like to know where it refers to, so please share such information when submitting your item.
    • Item names may not contain player names and/or nicknames.
    • Item names may only contain color codes. Codes like Italic, Bold, strike trough, underline and obfuscated are not allowed.
  • Enchantment limits:
    • Looting & Fortune 5 MAX
    • Respiration 3 MAX
    • Silk Touch 1 MAX
    • Depth Strider 3 MAX
    • No enchants should go above level 10
- All submissions will be listed in the Contest forum (click here)
- All players are allowed to rate the submission with a "Good" or "Bad".

We hope you will enjoy this small competition and may the most creative person win.