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25 Dec
Christmas Event 2019 SirKillian
Hello Everyone,

After 24 days of an intense countdown, it's finally here! Christmas!

Today we are presenting you with a brand new event!

| Mystery Gifts
From today till January 6th
, you will be able to find Mystery Gifts. You can find them by breaking and placing blocks, but also from killing mobs. Be aware, they aren't extremely common.

Each Mystery Gift has a unique number and shows who found it.

| Unwrapping Gifts
Once you found a Mystery Gift, you'll be able to unwrap it. This will reveal which kind of gift you received. There is a total of 11 Different gifts, 1 for each Job. However, occasionally The Grinch might destroy your gifts for absolutely no reason and you will receive coal!

Once your Mystery Gift has been unwrapped, you'll be able to visit Santa in /spawn and open your gifts using The Holy Gift.

All Gifts have the exact same rewards except for 1 item. The Celebratory Cap.

| Celebratory Cap
A Celebratory Cap is a brand new item coming to AzertuMC. There are 11 different Celebratory Caps. Again, 1 for each...
30 Nov
The Azertu Advent Calendar! SirKillian
Hello Everyone,

Are you excited for Christmas? So are we!

From December 1st till December 25th you will be able to claim a cool reward every single day from Santa in spawn!
Log in every day till Christmas and count down with us!

On December 25th we have a surprise for all of you so make sure to tune in!
(Simply do /spawn and talk to the Santa NPC)

View attachment 395
15 Oct
The Halloween Build Contest SirKillian
Hello Everyone!

Today we are announcing a new build contest! Unlike our last contest, where the theme was castles, we will be doing a Halloween themed contest.

There is going to be insane prizes! Up to $5 million in-game monies! :cool:
For more information, please visit the "Halloween Build Contest" forum.

Good luck to all of you and Happy Halloween! :devilish:
02 Oct
A brand new spawn! SirKillian
Hello Everyone,

We would like to inform you that AzertuMC received a brand new spawn!
Hop on and check it out by simply using /spawn.

Hopefully, you guys like it!

16 Aug
EVENT TIME!!! SirKillian
Hello Everyone,

Today we will bring you a brand new event we have been working on over the past couple of weeks.
Hopefully, you guys enjoy it!

The Dungeon Gates will open shortly...

During the time of the event, you will be able to find dungeon keys by breaking blocks. With these keys, you'll be able to enter either one of 3 dungeons. Those 3 dungeons are hidden in the spawn. You'll need to find one of each key in order to be able to access each and every dungeon. Every dungeon has its own reward.

Make sure you have space in your inventory!!!

| The Maze Dungeon
The maze dungeon is, well, a maze... Make your way through and meet The Superior Golem (which is not made out of obsidian). He will be able to give you an awesome reward so you can curse Minecraft just like him!
Make sure to open chests in the maze in order to receive some small boosts... Or maybe not?

| The Parkour Dungeon
The parkour dungeon is probably the hardest one. Elytra's are forbidden and Jump Boost & Speed effects...
09 Jul
Hellworker Update SirKillian
Hello everyone,

Today we are pushing a new update towards the Hellworker job in an attempt to make the job a bit more popular again.
We have taken some suggestions into account when we reworked the job. A list of changes can be found below:

| New level 25 perk:
Once you reach level 25 Hellworker you have a small chance to spawn piggy banks while breaking Netherrack inside the nether.
A piggy bank looks like a regular pig with a custom name tag. A piggy bank will always try to pathfind towards you. While doing so, it will poop bacon all over the place. If you have not killed the piggy bank within 7 seconds, it will launch into the air and explode with a firework.
If you manage to kill the piggy bank within those 7 seconds, You will receive a small money boost (up to $5k). On top of all of that, no matter how the pig dies, it will always drop a gold nugget, ingot and ore.

| Payment changes:
- Hellworker no longer gets paid for breaking Nether Fence
- The old level 25 perk was removed due to the multiple issues it currently had.

- Hellworker now gets paid for smelting Netherrack into nether brick items.
- Hellworker now gets paid for crafting: Nether Fence, Nether Brick, Nether Brick Stair...
Hey Everyone,

| New Logo and Server icon
As you might have noticed we have updated our logo, server icon and all of our store images. We hope you like the new looks :p

To celebrate our new artwork we have decided to introduce a new feature for all of you that like to create map art.

| New map art features
We all know its pretty tedious to make fancy and good looking map art. It takes a lot of time and dedication and right now there is no real way to protect your maps from grief due to the large amounts of land claims it would take. Therefore we would like to help you protect your maps from not just griefers but also from people that try to take credit for your work.

You'll be able to submit your maps in a brand new application on our forums. (which can be found here)
Once you have submitted your map our staff team will:
  1. Visit your map and review it to make sure it is actually appropriate and then cut it out of its current location.
  2. Cut it out of its current location and save it to a database making the map a secure one of a kind un-griefable and unclaimable by others.
  3. We will give you an "Original" map which shows the map name + creator. [SPOILER="The "Original"...
Hey everyone!

We now support versions 1.12.2 through 1.15.x

While we allow joining and playing on 1.13, 1.14 & 1.15, we are aware some features may not be fully functional.
We invite everyone to report any bugs or issues on our bug reports forum located here.

For the best experience, we'd recommend using 1.12.2.
As of right now, we have NO intention to reset our worlds and update the server to a full 1.14 experience.

15 Mar
Build Contest WINNERS! SirKillian
Hello everyone,

Today we will be announcing the winners of the build contest.

First of all we would like to thank everyone that has participated in the build competition and we are happy that many of you have put in the work to build some awesome creations!

Sadly, not everyone can win :(

The winners for this contest are:

#1 @Musu 's Castle (Click here to view entry)

#2 @HerbyHaze 's Castle (Click here to view entry)

#3 @Brayn 's Castle (Click here to view entry)

Congrats to the winners! And a special thanks to:

For helping the staff team to judge all the great builds.

If you enjoy these build competitions, Let us know! And perhaps we will host more build competitions in the future.
01 Mar
Hello everyone!

This is a small notification to let you all know about our power weekend.

You might be wondering "What is power weekend?". And its actually quite easy!
During power weekend you will gain twice the amount of money and exp gained from your jobs.

On top of that we are doing a 20% SALE on ALL ranks in our server store!
Make sure to get your ranks and upgrades while the prices are lower!

We hope to see you online this weekend!
Hello Everyone!

What a lovely time for an announcement :love:

We would like to let you know that for those that login on Valentines Day (February 14) you will be able to claim a unique Valentine Tagger which can only be received on valentines day! Just login and a book will open with instructions on how to claim your tagger.

Now, for the exciting stuff,

The First Ever AzertuMC Build Competition.

Today we are announcing the first ever build competition on AzertuMC. We are giving everyone the chance to build awesome projects and win great rewards while doing so. Everyone is able to participate solo or in group, whatever you prefer. We hope this will encourage players to build more great and awesome builds to populate our world. We also plan on doing this more often if this is something you guys are interested in.

For our first build competition the theme will be Castles.

For all information regarding the build competition: Please visit
21 Dec
The 2018 Christmas Event SirKillian

Hello Everyone!

Today we are bringing you a new event! From the moment this announcement post is released till January 4th 2019 you will be able to find mystery gifts from breaking blocks, placing blocks and killing monsters and/or animals. When a gift drops you'll see a chest on the floor named "Mystery Gift #" + hear a sound effect and a title will appear so missing it should be hard.

Once you picked up your awesome Mystery Gift you can Right-Click it to redeem it and get a random gift. These random gifts can be collected from Santa in spawn (located under the big Christmas tree). However, If you're unlucky the Grinch will destroy your gift upon redeeming and you'll get coal for Christmas! There is an infinite amount of gifts to be collected and the number on the Mystery Gifts is just for fun. (so that you brag to your friends which cool milestone you got... duh)

Now, inside the Gifts from Santa you will find various different rewards which obviously we are not going to spoil for you ;)
From Gingerbread Cookies to Firework Bows... We got it all!

If we can reach a total of 15.000 Gifts collected at the end of the event we will do an "After Party" event with more rewards for everyone! (more details will follow...

Hello everyone,

Today we release a brand new website for everyone to enjoy. This new websites comes with a lot of bug fixes and a completely new design. It will also be fully responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop users which is something our previous website lacked a little bit.
We hope this change will make the website a bit more popular, interactive and more user friendly.

Unfortunately this change didn't exactly go as planned.
Whilst we were updating the current website and its back end system some things went wrong and some of our data got corrupted and even though we had made full backups beforehand, the backups were not working how they should have been and we are not really sure why this happened.

What exactly does this mean?
This means all registered users and their threads, posts, ratings, etc are lost. You'll have to make a new forum account if you wish to engage with the forums again. We are extremely sorry for this inconvenience and we will try our best to not let this happen again. But, on the bright side... We have a wonderful new forum for you to enjoy!

Thanks for reading, Sorry for inconvenience once again.

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