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Hello everyone,

After the recent poll about whether we should implement a player market or not, the majority of you that voted, voted that we should add it. So.. we did.

We have added a player market that will now be accessible by using "/market".


You can rent a shop by Right-Clicking the sign next to each shop.


There is a total of 40 shops and this number might increase if the demand is there. If you wish to rent a shop this will require you to pay $750 per 24h. You are able to pay 2 weeks upfront but not longer. This will prevent inactive players to have a shop running whilst they are no longer playing. There will also be shortcuts to fast travel towards every single shop on its own, Such as "/shop1" and/or "/shop35".

On a side note, Since a lot of you have been asking about Part 2 of the Jobs Update. We are currently working on it and it will be the the next update coming to the server. We currently have no ETA but we will let you know once we have more details to share.

- Killian
Hello friends,

After observing the server economy for the last 2 weeks we have noticed the jobs were not as balanced as we thought they were. Therefore we decide to overhaul the entire system and re-balance every single job from scratch. Not only did we re-balance the payment but we also plan on filling in all the empty perks and make some changes to the already existing ones. We would like to mention that we have also added some extra changes to the back-end system to optimize the jobs plugin and make the the balancing of jobs easier overall. We decided to split this big update into 2 parts.

Part 1 is all about re-balancing payments and making sure every job pays roughly the same amount according to their level. This will hopefully give people more interest into joining the less popular jobs.

Part 2 will contain new perks to fill up empty spots some jobs are currently experiencing. We would like to give all jobs a lvl 25, lvl 50 and a lvl 75 perk. This update will come withing the next 2 weeks. We will not give an exact date yet. But you'll be sure hear about it once the time is ready.

Furnace Limit
As of today you will notice a small message in the action bar when you place down a furnace:


What this means is pretty self explanatory. You can now register up to 40 furnaces. This will limit the amount of furnaces you can use to earn money from jobs. You will only be able to receive money and experience from 40 furnaces at a time. Now, you can still place more then 40 furnaces to smelt other stuff but only 40 furnaces will pay at once.
To register a furnace, simply Right-Click the placed down furnace.
To remove a registration, you'll have to break the furnace.

We are aware this might look bad, but, This method is more fair to every person on the server.
and we hope you understand our reasoning.

As you might have noticed, herdsman was very low in payment and leveled up extremely slow. So, we decided it was time to do something about this. We came to the conclusion that its pretty much impossible to make a big animal farm due to the limitations with mob cap. While we don't want to raise the mob cap we have come with a solution which we hope to solve these issues.

We will be introducing 4 new spawner types to the server, including:
  • Cow
  • Pig
  • Sheep
  • Chicken
Unlike the hunter job, these spawner mobs will not have a reduced pay. These mobs will give 100% the pay and experience. Ofcourse we have balanced the new values using spawners to grind the job. More information about the spawners will be added in Part 2 of the update.

To get a more in-depth details on what exactly was nerfed and/or buffed we suggest to check out the latest patch notes.

Please note that jobs will currently be monitored heavily and changes might be made without mentioning.

Over the past couple of weeks we, the staff team, noticed that we quite often get the suggestion about an official market area. What this means is that an area will be assigned to function as a player market. Players will be able to rent shops inside the area and make their own shop that will be easily accessible by all players. Therefore I decided to make a poll to see what you guys really prefer and are looking for. Please note that even when a public market is made, players will still be able to make their own shop in their town.

Please vote on the poll above and we will then make a decision on whether we will implement a market area or not. Please vote from your own personal opinion and be as honest as possible. This poll will be open for 7 days. After this a final decision will be made.

Thanks for your time.
- Killian
Hey everyone,

Every month we will reward the top 3 top voters of the month with some free items from the store.
the rewards are as following:

1st place: 1x Gold Crate
2nd place: 1x Silver Crate
3rd place: 1x Bronze Crate

March's winners are:
  1. @JelliWelli - 202 votes
  2. @alon2003 - 178 votes
  3. @AJKuhn - 176 votes
We would like to thank all 628 people that voted for the server. Your support helps us grow the server and we appreciate every single one of you! Make sure to vote every single day and maybe you will win next months top voter rewards.
Hello everyone!

Easter Event:
It's that time of the year again, and Easter has finally arrived! We have a fun event planned, which hopefully you'll love! Here's how it works..

During the times that you're breaking blocks, any blocks, you have the chance to receive an Easter Egg (It will drop on the ground next to you). Once collecting 10 eggs, you can head over to /crates, and interact with the baby villager named "Easter Exchange". After exchanging your 10 Easter Eggs with the Villager, he will provide you with one virtual Easter Crate that can be found within the Azertu Crate, once opened, you will receive a random reward.
This can be repeated as many times as you like, but beware! If you attempt to trade less than 10 eggs with the Villager... he may be greedy and take one, for nothing in return!
During this Event, you also have the ability to claim an Easter Tagger, explained below.

Edit: There is also a small chance to get Easter Eggs from the vote crate during the event.

Easter Tagger:
This item can be used to tag any of your tools and/or armor. What it does is simply add a " or " in front of your item name. All players that login whilst the Event is active will have the option to claim a tagger. Simply using "/easter" will open a menu where you can claim the item.
The tagger will look like this;

Once applied, your item will look like this;

The Easter Event will end April 8th.

If you would like to view a more indepth post about other gameplay changes/updates, you can read the full list here.

Easter Sale:
There will be a flash sale from Friday march 30 (6pm GMT) till Monday April 2nd (6am GMT)
50% off ALL ranks and upgrades.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Easter!
- The Azertu Team